Wednesday, May 24, 2017


_^ Change _^

A definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over, expecting to get a different result.

If you don’t change your exercise habits and eating plan, how do you expect to lose weight?

If you feel stuck in your job, evaluate what you’ve done differently to earn the job change.

If the only action your Bible is getting is as an ornament on your bookshelf or nightstand, why are you still calling out for help when your life plan is sitting right there?

If you’re still single or unhappy in your relationship, what are you actively changing and working on yourself to be the best version of you that someone else would want to partner with?

This has become such a personal topic in the last few years and even more so in the last few weeks. I’ve often looked around and felt all the emotions I’ve described above. I wondered what was wrong with me that as hard I was grinding, I couldn’t find the success I was desperately craving in all areas of my life. I was guilty of the Marsh Land Trap.

What’s the Marsh Land Trap you ask?

It’s where you try something, thinking you’re getting off on the right foot only to get stuck. It might be right out of the gate, the very first step you take or it might be further along, when you’ve taken just enough to have developed this false bravado, confident you can handle it that you take the wrong step.

You immediately start flailing, unable to hoist yourself out of the mess. The only way to get out was to ask for help. I was hunting recently in an area that much of which is land I have access to roam is marsh land. I try to avoid stepping on it. For those unfamiliar with marsh land, it can be very dangerous for a couple reasons. Marsh land is often covered with tall stalks of different plants so that you can’t really see what might be on the ground if the vegetation hasn’t been maintained. Alligators love marsh land. I’ll leave that one right there. Second, marsh land is unpredictable in its sturdiness to support weight. Some of it is baked hard from the sun, allowing you to jump around. Other and even more dangerous parts are like quicksand; with wrong step, you’ve been sucked down in. The weekend I was down while we were sitting around one evening, I heard stories of marsh land attacks. In one story, the guy that had been sucked in, used an oar he had from having been paddling in the water to pry himself out. The second one was in so deep, he had to be levered out by two guys and an ATV.

In the first, he used the resources he had at his disposal while the second one was in so deep without resources to be self-sufficient he had to ask for help.

As I reflect on both scenarios, I have to ask myself, in what parts of my life am I the one with the paddle and in which do I need to go as far as to ask for an ATV lift?

It’s not shameful to ask for help. Our society has taught that we have to be independent, self-sufficient, learning how to do things on our own. While that’s great, it’s created this shift of mentality that asking for help can be a sign of weakness. It doesn’t have to be. The first step is recognizing the need for change. Step 2 is actually implementing change and the third is accountability. That accountability might involve asking for help when you’re stuck. That’s okay. Just be specific and choosy when deciding who to ask to be that person. They will be the one to speak reason and reassurance into you. I have some thoughts around that but for now, I encourage you to be strategic in who is speaking into you and ensure what they are saying speaks truth and life, not doubt and discouragement. In reality, it’s much easier to pull someone down then lift someone up.

Change doesn’t start tomorrow. Change starts today. It’s active, constant, and requires discipline. No one will say it will be easy. No one will say the right path will always be evident. Recognizing if you need help might be the first step though. Ask. There are people in your life you know will support you if you just turn to them.

At the end of the day, we all have a desire to improve, grow, and learn. We all have those opportunities. What are you doing to take advantage of them?

Monday, January 23, 2017

Advice from an Insomniac


I’ve often found that advice is like the Christmas presents from the grandma you see once a year that has no true grasp of your age or interest; well intentioned but often misses the mark.

What frequently makes it golden is when it’s unsolicited. Really, please. Share your expert opinion on a topic you’ve never personally dealt with that I did not truly want. Oh, you thought I was asking for it? I think you either need to join Sheldon on a lecture on sarcasm (Big Bang Theory, c’mon please somebody) or ductwork please because I was just venting. No, really you didn’t see the steam rising from me?

If you don’t mind (really, I don’t care if you do, the back button is located in the top left corner for your ease) I just want to share a few thoughts for those that don’t suffer from insomnia.

1. Don’t tell me the couple restless nights you’ve had suddenly make you understand.

While I love our friends at webmd because really, who else would be able to tell us that the small light cough you’ve developed that you (unfortunately) felt the strong urge to google is in fact, actually, the start of the bubonic plague and beginning of the end of all civilization. I decided to go with the Mayo Clinic on this one. By definition, insomnia is habitual. Not occasionally, not once a week when you’re stressed. Not, oh yes!  Christmas is tomorrow and I can’t sleep I’m as giddy as a little kid problem. Habitual.

Insomnia: “Insomnia is a persistent disorder that can make it hard to fall asleep, hard to stay asleep or both, despite the opportunity for adequate sleep. With insomnia, you usually awaken feeling unrefreshed, which takes a toll on your ability to function during the day. Insomnia can sap not only your energy level and mood but also your health, work performance and quality of life.”

2. “Yeah man, I stayed up late last night too playing Pokemon Go! So I totally get that tired thing.

No, you got the stupidity gene that first allowed you to play that game and second to lose precious sleep over it while the rest us wish we could just take your hours you clearly don’t care about while we stare at the ceiling for two hours trying to fall asleep. Or four hours. Just depends on the night.

3. Why don’t you try drinking warm milk?

Yes, all the world’s problems can be cured with a good cup of warm milk or soothing tea. This isn’t England and I don’t have Mary Poppins floating around. You think I haven’t tried that? For several nights straight to set a rhythm?

P.S. Warm milk is gross.

4. Perhaps you need to change your environment.

I bought a $1,000 mattress, blackout curtains, sleep with ear plugs, no clock, and my phone is face down on silent. What else you got? Not feng shui.

5. Well, I read this article that being on your electronics before bed is bad for sleep.

You mean because it can disrupt the melatonin that is released by your body which is the chemical that signals to your body time to go to sleep. And were you referring to the article from doctor’s weekly? Or the one in readers digest? Perhaps you meant the 10 page scientific article recently published in cambridge’s website on the topic of insomnia that came out last week that briefly mentioned this? You see, while you snore away at 1 .m. I’m busy reading articles only on how to not have to spend another night reading articles at 1 a.m.

6. You should really see a doctor about that.

Gosh, why didn’t I think of that? Silly me, was thinking Joe Schmo could produce miracle advice over here but really asking a professional never crossed my mind.

Oh wait, I already tried three different ones about it. Let me ask my doctor about the ongoing problems they are treating me for. It’ll probably only the umpteenth conversation I’ve had with them about this. Solid advice.

7. Just drink some coffee in the morning, you’ll be fine.

Band-aid, meet gunshot wound.

8. Well, I’ve heard alcohol can be relaxing. Maybe you should try a glass of wine before bed.

Alcoholism. I’m just going to drop that one here and walk away.

9. Perhaps you should see a therapist.

And that my friends, is like the Christmas I received a universal size bathrobe. Finally close to the mark. And that was fun.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Letter from Iraq

A Letter from Iraq
This time of year we look around and reflect on the things we are thankful for, consider what we’ve accomplished, and anticipate the changes we want to make for the New Year.

As everyone reflects, I encourage you to take a moment to consider what a blessing it is to have the absolute basics and offer prayers for those that don’t. For instance; our troops.

While you may think this is a post highlighting what they’ve endured or how we should be more grateful, let me change direction. I offer instead, merry words of wisdom and laughter to brighten your night (while also, reminding you how great things are because really, you aren’t burning trash to stay warm….)

A letter from my brother while he was in Iraq. For those that have different “reading voices,” I plead with you to carefully select and proceed with the most sarcastic tone you have saved. He should be a writer; right?!

“Parents, sibling, and pets, (we only had one pet, please also note the lack of “dear”)

How goes it back in the land of running water, flushing toilets, warm beds, and food besides MRE’s? Hope all is well, health is good, knees are healing (mother had a knee replacement surgery), colleges are accepting (written during my senior year) and jobs are hiring. Over here in the land of sand, with bottled water, dig your own toilet, smelly sleeping bags, and nothing besides MRE’s (MRE=Meals Ready to Eat, disgusting freeze dried food that has only marginally gotten better with time) and VGR’s (economy sized MRE’s for groups, we call them Useless Grunt Rations), everything is cold and dusty, as is to be expected.
We have begun this wonderful mission where we stay up most nights in the freeing cold, in a screen line, where our LAV’s are spread in a line, and we look for smugglers. It’s so gay, it makes Elton John look straight.
Last showered approximately 5 pairs of socks ago. Have stopped judging things by time, only by whether or not I can stomach the smell and feel of my socks another day. It will be approximately 3-4 more pairs of socks until my mission of scrubbing the jungle of fungi and bacteria off all anatomical parts is achieved.
The best mornings are when we resupply and have a lot of trash so that we can make a fire to stay warm. Sort of like homeless people. We build trash fires to stay warm and are wearing pretty much everything we own to stay warm. It’s sad, it really is (contrary to popular belief, the average at night in the winter in Iraq is 30’s). We rely on other people’s handouts (packages), our packs could be considered our shopping cart, because it has the majority of our possessions in it, and our bathing habits aren’t what you would call regular. Not saying we smell, but I could probably throw one of those aforementioned socks into a florist, and put them out of business. We’re an assault on the olfactory system (Brandon has to be fancy with his big words, it’s how you perceive smell), smashing into it like Katrina into New Orleans (I think his sense of sensitivity and political correctness went out the window in those conditions…just kidding he never had either of those). Every night I get into my sleeping bag, it’s like the Hulk Hogan of bad smells slapping into the face.
Well, that’s it from this dusty, desolate, domain. Hopefully the next time correspondence is exchanged, we will have bathed and done laundry. I almost feel bad for the laundry people, and then I remember they stay on base all day and night. Those bastards.

                                                                                    Love you all,
                                                                                    Son, sibling, owner”

*Everything in blue is my addition for context*

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Strategic Perspective

How dare we express anger and outrage at God for the exact blessings we asked for?!

That statement greeted me one Friday evening as I gathered with other Christian women to continue to grow our Faith.

What does she mean? I thought with confusion. How could I be upset with God for blessing me with things I asked for?

She continued to elaborate.

“You pray to God over and over again for blessings. Blessings in your career, family, church; you name it, you’ve probably prayed over it.”

Fair enough. Most Christian women have prayed over every aspect of their lives. Career, friends, husband, children, future husband, future children, ministry, love life, the world, salvation, how do you narrow this concept down to one area?

The lady continued; you’ve prayed for God to bless you. But when He does, you judge the way in which he has done it. Or the ways in which he didn’t. How dare you! God fulfilled his promise to you. He blessed you just as you’ve asked him to. Perhaps, you should consider the way in which you strategically pray or; the way in which you perceive his blessing!

Wow. My mind is whirling in a thousand directions. I think of the time I asked God to break my heart for what breaks His. A common enough prayer for a young college student. Thanks to that particular prayer, however, I now have a strong heart for high school girls and serving them weekly. How many times do I wish I hadn’t asked for that calling? How many MORE times do I end up thanking God for blessing me with that calling? For through that, teaching me more lessons than I could possibly teach those girls?!

My mind roams onto the next area. The one that appears to be at the forefront of my mind at all times these days: My career.

I’ve been blessed in this area more than I can possibly hope or imagine. Over the past two years, God has allowed me to pass four HUGE financial tests on the first attempt. What a stress relief! I am one of the youngest managers at the company who’s been promoted from within. I’ve been given opportunities that most hope for. All and all, my career is a rocket headed for the sky that I may have lit a short fuse for; but God catapulting beyond anything I am capable of accomplishing.

Then I think of my personal life. The decisions I’ve made around friends and boyfriends and I take a brief halt. This area leaves a slightly bitter taste in my life. Every time I log into Facebook, someone else is engaged, married, having a child (no thanks!), traveling to a foreign country to teach English, or something else, and I think: Am I missing out? Why hasn’t this happened to me?

Then I think back to the previous subject I was on. My career. How much have I been blessed in that area?

What have I prayed for religiously (excuse the pun) over the past few years? To find a job. With a company I love. In Charlotte, Raleigh, or Charleston. Rise to a manager position. Obtain my Certified Financial Planner® license.  Make friends. Love the city I’m placed in. Love the church I go to. Find a place in that Church I can serve.

Have not all of these needs been met and more? Did God NOT bless me in EVERY way possible in these prayers?

Then why am I still sitting here complaining about all the ways He didn’t bless me in all the ways I didn’t pray for? What have been my priorities over the past few years?

Easy Answer: My Career.

Where has God blessed me in the past few years?

Answer: In my Career. That I placed high and above every other priority in my life.

Yes! I sit here complaining because he didn’t answer my prayers. What prayers?!! For every one prayer I've sent to God about finding the right man, God answered the ten prayers I said to him about my career. God cares about my priorities so he blessed the ones I placed first in order for me to feel His favor.

And yet, I still sit here like a sullen little child at Christmas who has hundreds of dollars of presents sitting around me with pretty much everything I could ask for, whining about the one little present I wanted but didn't get. Because maybe, I wasn't ready to receive that yet. (I'll leave that for another time). 

What a spoiled child.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Time You Spend

I sit in an airport awaiting my flight and look around. I see couples, singles, old, Black, Hispanic, disabled, hipsters, youngsters, nerds, working professionals, and more. I marvel at the diversity and people watching you have the opportunity to observe and take in all in one location. The biggest marvel of all perhaps, is the things that seem to unite all of us sitting there besides the obvious of trying to catch a flight; technology. Whether it’s the technology medical advances that have increased the average life span or the technology failures that can occur to delay an entire airport system and ruin hundred’s of people’s delays in a matter of minutes, technology is changing faster than many of us can fathom and it’s here to stay.

Is all technology good though? It’s a philosophical debate. 

I continue to sit completely still in my seat in the airport observing those around me. It’s unlike me to sit this still but as my work laptop refuses to connect with the WiFi, I have no choice but to sit in peace until I reach my destination and can finish the project I need to complete. I take in those around me and observe, not for the first time, how incredibly rude we have become as a society. I watch many of those traveling with earbuds in, no desire to engage in conversation of any manner with those around them, including their own spouses and children. I watch many knowing that the only exercise of the day they have will be the movement of their thumbs swiping on their electronic devices.

My heart sinks at that thought but a topic for another day.

I can see many of their screens. Twitter, Instagram, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and U.S. Airways appear to be the favorites of the group immediately surrounding me. I look around and suspect that would be the selection of the majority of the airport.

I shake my head and continue to observe.

For those not web browsing, I watch individuals of all ages and backgrounds play candy crush and other mindless app games including children who perhaps, are too young to be touching an electronic device to begin with.

My heart sinks.

Where did meaningful conversation go? Chatting with those around you, connecting with your loved ones as you sit with them and for parents in this day and age, one of the longest period of time in one sitting you get with your children.

It’s not just the airport. If it was, it would make it better knowing people hate waiting and this is how they cope. However, I see it in every situation. Couples and families out to dinner. Friends at a party on their phones rather than catching up and really hearing what is going on in their friends lives rather than a superficial conversation once again.

I once went on a date with a guy who took four phone calls and sent twelve text messages before I stopped counting in the span of 45 minutes before I promptly told him to just go home.

How did we come to this? When did we start accepting this as “normal?”

I login to Facebook as I need a break from this activity of people watching and scroll through my newsfeed.

I grow more depressed and bored the further I scroll.

I used to love Facebook. I could keep in touch with friends and family far away. Send mass messages and update others on a regular basis about my life without actually having a personal conversation individually about it.

I’ve grown tired of it.

Are you twenty something old female growing more impatient by the day that everyone around you is getting engaged but you?

No worries.

Just login to your social media and see all the great pictures of what just has to be the fifth engagement this month on your screen.

Hate your job?

No worries.

Read all about the great opportunities your friends are exploring.

Wish you could afford the Caribbean vacation everyone else at work seems to be taking?  Just scroll. You can live it vicariously through your friends who kindly upload 212 of their vacation pictures they took a week ago for your leisurely perusal.

Think you aren’t skinny, educated, fashionable, wealthy, or happy enough?

You’re right! If you think for a moment you are where you should be, just login and see how much happier, more successful, more beautiful and fit everyone else is than you. Social media does a great job of confirming that for you. It would hate for you to think you’re doing better than anyone else.

Any given day I can feel insecure at the drop of the hat and if I look at social media, it can only serves to reinforce any insecurity I’m feeling. So why would I want to add one more way to do that?! That’s when I realized, social media, just isn’t for me.

I asked the girls in my high school bible study recently, to raise their hand if they check all their social media via their phone first thing in the morning before leaving their bed.

Every. Single. One. Raised their hand.

My heart sank.

Most of you at this point probably think I’m a sad, underpaid, angry individual sitting behind a computer who has some vendetta against social media and while the second part of that might be a little true, the first part couldn’t be the furthest from the truth.

I’m a really happy,  well-compensated individual for my age that is incredibly blessed. Anytime I doubt any of that, social media just serves to compound that feeling and feed and sow those seeds of unhealthy emotion inside of me.

I’ve deleted the Facebook app off my phone. I have to manually login through the web if I want to view it. I had Snapchat and Twitter for about five minutes two years ago but couldn’t access it now even if I wanted knowing I don’t know how to use it or my logins. Instagram and every other app out there has never been on any device I own. It won’t be either for the immediate future.

I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live his or her life. Social media can be great to get a message out or connect with those far away.

It’s deceptive though. It’s only a small snapshot of others lives. It’s not a personal connection. The people who seem to lead perfect lives and constantly have amazing posts aren't showing you the complete picture. Social media is the biggest photoshop scandal out there that we aren't talking enough about or protecting our kids from.

But (and there is always a but), when you realize you are allowing social media to dictate your feelings and consume your life, when you realize you spend more time on it than with the people you call friends and family; you’ve reached the final stage in the grief healing process known as acceptance.

So let's change this. Change how you interact with friends and family. Get more personal. Spend more time with them. Spend less eye contact with your screen.

And if you don’t and I see you out for lunch with family, eyes glued to your device, well,

My heart will sink.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

No Strings Attached

Dear Every 20 something year olds…

This year you will probably see a minimum of at least six couples get engaged, five couples from last years engagements get married, and at least two are bound to announce an impending baby.

Here is what I have to say:

“Nah, Nah, da boo boo, goody two shoes for you.”

Not really mature but honestly, sometimes I'm just at a loss for words when I see the news.

While all of those individuals just tied themselves into a nice little box, can check that item off their life to do list, you can move on because you don’t have to answer to anyone else.

Some people say that those in their twenties don’t have enough direction and I used to agree. Now, I’d say some of us have TOO much direction.

We set these milestones that have to be accomplished by this age, do this before any of my other friends, and obtain approval from everyone in my family about the path I’m on.

And you know what?


We seem to be on this frenzied path to accomplish so much that we are running ourselves into the ground to obtain everyone else’s approval without bothering to stop to realize if we have truly found happiness for ourselves.

I don’t mean we should be so negligent that we run up extravegent credit card bills, never get jobs, have no direction in life, and never take responsibility. I think that we should slow down to evaluate who we truly are, rather than letting society or our friends tell us what we should be doing.

This next statement is probably going to really upset some people and while it’s certainly not aimed at everyone, some people could benefit from hearing that tying yourself to someone else so early and so seriously is the worst thing you could possibly do for yourself or to someone else.  

For the past year and half since I graduated college, I’ve watched couple after couple get engaged and subsequently married and some even start having children.

And I just have to ask, what did you truly give up in the pursuit of having this “perfect life?”

How can you possibly know what you wanted when you’ve never truly experienced being on your own in the world away from mommy and daddy, away from the confines and safety of college where some of the biggest choices you had to make were: Do you go out on Thursday or stay in to study?

The point I’m striving to make is, some of us have yet to understand what we really want and have settled instead, on the first seemingly best thing we could find.

Every year I’ve done the New Year’s Resolution route. Just like so many others, by February, I’ve already broken them and resolved to make better ones for the next year.

This year, I think I finally found one I could stick to. Those that know me probably would describe me as the responsible, mature, old beyond my years friend in the group. The one you could always rely on to help out, say yes to volunteering, heading that project, joining that initiative.

Now, I’m going to follow my own advice. I’m only in my twenties once. It’s the only time I can rationalize taking two weeks off to go on that Europe trip I keep talking about or going on 20 first dates in a year if I want to. Don't attend a wedding for someone I didn't really ever like or keep in touch with just because it's the proper thing to do. I'm going to find out what's like to have free time on the weekends instead of scheduling every spare minute. Whatever it is, I’m done doing what everyone else thinks is the right thing and I’m going to do what I want. I’m going to do me.

My New Year’s Resolution?

“Say no to responsibility, and yes to opportunity.”

I might make some of the worst decisions I’ve ever had, but I know that somewhere along the line, I’m also going to create memories that will last forever and stories to tell friends sitting across from one another drinking a beer. For once, I might just be the irresponsible one instead of the dependable friend. Maybe I'll find that person along the way I want to spend the rest of my life with but you know, I'll make sure I've been able to make the decisions that suit me first and I'll do it on my timeline, not when society or anyone else thinks is the right time.

My roommate Georgia is the perfect example of this. She just accepted a great job offer to move to another position within her company but she had to transfer to Atlanta. She could do it because she didn't have anyone else to consult or base her decision on. Those are the opportunities I'm just not willing to give up on.

For me and others, that’s okay because it’s better to do this now, than decide I didn’t get enough freedom when I’m 40 and have that mid-life crisis that now, affects an entire family.

I just have to answer to myself and God.

And I like that concept.

(Feel free to leave me great opportunities I should explore and I’ll make a list. Or not. I’m not committing to anything just yet :D)

Monday, August 18, 2014

I have found favor where I haven't earned it

HIS Timing

What do you do when you hear the answer is no?

Does it depend on whom it came from?

What the question was?

How strongly you wanted the answer to be yes?

I remember interviewing for a promotion in December and for the first time in my life, I felt peace when the “waiting game” started. I knew that I had done the best I could and if it fit with God’s timing, great, if it didn’t, I knew he had better plans for me. (I did end up getting the job which I’m currently in and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this department)

At the end of December I got rid of my AWFUL roommates (one wasn’t so bad but together not the best living situation) and God gave me my awesome current roommate within weeks. While I hated how long it took to get rid of one of the girls, it was clearly God’s timing because he managed to make sure the timing of the leave and arrival aligned so the other half of the rent was covered the entire time (even though that itself was an interesting situation). It also was perfect timing because a month prior, my new roommate wasn’t ready to move to another place. Funny how God aligns a girl from bible study I had only known a few months to help me in a difficult situation.

Then in May, I interviewed for a leadership program I was extremely interested in. However, God spoke to me very clearly throughout the entire process, telling me it wasn’t the right time. I didn’t listen (I’m shall we say, a little bull headed, haha) and I didn’t get chosen for the program.

It was the first time I walked a path I wanted to take but God blocked that I finally understood how to immediately react with understanding His timing is better than mine.

While I’d like to say the entire time I had this Godly serenity before me, you can clearly see I was listening to my own desires and not God’s. During the application and selection process, I was like Naaman from 2nd Kings 5. Naaman was a great army leader who had a skin disease. He sought out Elisha the prophet for healing but instead of getting to speak with Elisha, he spoke to his assistant. Naaman feeling slighted, originally chose to ignore God’s instructions. However, he had someone talk reason into him. He then listened to the instructions and was healed.  

I think all of us at times really need that someone to talk sense into us. Good thing we have mentors, small groups, churches, and hopefully, “accountability partners” that many of us have taken advantage of. I’m blessed to have many of these actually.

I recently read Gabrielle Douglass’s book “Grace, Gold and Glory.” That book resonated with me on many levels but perhaps most importantly because she has a mother like mine. One who has scarified over the years to make sure I could get where I was going, who was always there for me, and to remind me of the important things; even when I didn’t want to hear them. She wrote this in her book and I can’t think of a more fitting quote and response:

“I performed so poorly that I didn’t even want to compete on the second day. ‘Why wasn’t God there for me?’ I cried to Mom. ‘I prayed, I quoted Scripture-I did it all. I feel like He abandoned Me.”

‘Mom didn’t miss a beat before offering me another perspective. We don’t always understand the big picture of why God allows us to have certain experiences,” she explained. ‘You just have to put today behind you and focus on what you’ll do tomorrow. You can do this. It’s time to persevere.”

In between this and the next step I took, I started wondering about my place in the company. I looked elsewhere for jobs, considering leaving the company. I started questioning my place in a company just a year ago I had been praising God for placing me with. Funny how quickly we forget God’s blessings to us and the path He has set us on and the lessons He just taught us.

I recently interviewed for another leadership program. This program would be a much better fit than the first. I do know this, I listened to God and know this time, it was a right step to take. I still might not get in, but I’ll have learned something in the process that was vital to being successful. ***

God puts people in my life to help develop and grow me. Each person has a specific timing of when they enter, and sometimes, when they need to exit. God uses them to teach me something. Some have taught me how to love in ways I didn’t know before and others have taught me things about myself like how to control my temper and teach me patience.(I think we all can always learn that lesson...but don't ask God to teach it to you because His sense of humor is greater than ours and He will surely present you situations to teach it to you!)

She really does sleep like this on my floor air vent...Booger!
He even places lovely adorable dogs in my life because he knows I yearned for one and can’t turn away one in need. Just when I thought I was only going to foster for a couple weeks…ha!

Kenzie is learning to love kayaking with me!

When anything happens, whether I get my way or not, I remind myself, God’s timing, has always been greater than mine. I have found so much favor with him even when and in places of my life I feel I haven't earned it. I can find His promise to me both in the Bible in His writing to us His children as well as His goodness to me in the past.




***Honesty Disclosure: I had almost completey written this blog minus minor editing a couple weeks ago. I recently found out I did get into that other leadership program. Even if I hadn’t, my feelings would be the same. God’s timing, is always better than ours.  This just happened to help emphasize my point :)