Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ripple Effects

It’s so funny how events and decisions from more than a year ago can affect my life so intensely today.

I was a marketing and management majors so when I took an internship in the finance area over the summer, it didn’t seem to have much overlap with what I was studying. I learned about endowments, trusts, wills, account changes, beneficiaries, how accounts pay out, more financial terms more of you don’t really care about….. lol

I’ve already said in the past how much it made me interested in the finance sector and really helped me get my current job. However, I had no idea I would take a full-time job in the finance sector after graduation.

Recently, I heard a service on When Grace is Silent. How even when you feel like God isn’t working in your life, he is working behind the scenes. In my top five best sermons ever heard in my life easy.

When we wonder why something is happening, God is looking at the big picture thinking, just wait, I’ve got it worked out!

It’s so funny how much easier this time around was when so much uncertainty existed but yet I trusted God.
I trusted him to:
-find me a living situation (I have a great house, with GREAT neighbors, in a neighborhood right by everything I need)

-To find me a roommate (a 3 month internship girl I moving in this weekend, I think we are going to get along very well!)
-To find me a permanent roommate-still waiting but it can’t all happen at once, jeez!
-Find me a great church I fit into-Elevation Church baby, it’s where it’s at!
-Help me make friends-Already happening
-Love my job and coworkers-Have I mentioned how awesome this company is and how fantastic everyone I’ve met has been??!!!
-Get to know the area-ummmm well traffic still is unbearable and I’m slowly learning the area but hey, I trust God each day to get me to and from home without a crazy Charlotte driver killing me, they are crazy here!

Needless to say, my journey has been so interesting so far. While I miss my friends, really miss my small group and awesome co-leader Kerri, and home church NewSpring, my path is changing and I’m changing with it.

I can only imagine what the big picture looks like. I bet it is a great plan if I know anything about my Big and powerful loving Father!!!